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The Aggie Square Difference

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Download a .pdf about the Aggie Square Difference.

Aggie Square is a not your typical university development. Yes, it includes student housing, classrooms and labs, but it also provides an attraction for private companies to invest in Sacramento near university research. And a place for training programs for local residents. And a collaborative environment where innovation is sparked.

When university, industry and community partners locate under one roof, new ideas take hold and new opportunity is created. That’s the Aggie Square Difference. 

These unique collaborations will yield results:

  • $5 Billion Annual Economic Impact
    • Supporting the six-county region
  • $50+ Million for Affordable Housing
    • Investing in nearby neighborhoods
  • 3,500-4,000 On-Site Jobs
    • Including 20% local hiring goals
  • 5,000 Construction Jobs
    • Centering on apprenticeships and local hiring
  • Job Training
    • Spanning entry level to PhD. positions
  • Innovation Infrastructure
    • Attracting new startups and industries
  • Property Tax  Revenues to the City
    • Originating from private investment at Aggie Square
  • Community Partnerships 
    • Formalizing engagement with local organizations 
  • Inventions and Cures
    • Leveraging UC Davis research
  • Youth Opportunities and STEM Education
    • Focusing on local schools and neighborhoods
  • A Stronger University
    • By hosting a platform for partnerships and student learning

Learn more about the Aggie Square partners